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Speed Notify Satisfied Customer Reviews

Please find detailed below video testimonials which have been sent in from some of our happy customers. The team at 'Speed Notify' gets a real kick out of receiving these video and we like to share them with you as it allows our visitors to hear what real people have to say about one of the best mobile apps released in 2013.

If you would like to send us your video testimonial and be included on our site, please make sure it is no longer than 60 seconds and send it to us via our 'contact' page.

Happy Customers

Michael Jones is a father of 3 who lives in California, USA. His eldest son 'Caleb' has just passed his drivers test and is now out and about on the road. Michael was recommended to use our 'Speed Notify' app to make sure Caleb does not exceed his aloud speed limit. Michael set the maximum speed limit which Caleb's license allows and can now relax a little when his son is out driving.

"Being the father of two young teenage boys who are both now legally licensed drivers here in the UK is very concerning and worrying" says Chris Brand from the UK. Whether they are driving a car or simply a passenger in a car, Speed Notify alerts Chris the second the car exceeds the speed limit set in the app. Chris Says "It didn't take the boys long to learn that if they speed, I will find out about it instantly. This app now gives me some comfort when the boys borrow my car or are going for a drive with friends. It definitely makes them think twice before speeding".

"Jenny Holmes from Canada is another happy Speed Notify customer who has sent us her video message expressing her thanks and gratitude. She also explains why she downloaded the app how it has had a positive effect on her step sons driving habits, while giving her and her husband peace of mind."

"Kerry Timms from Australia is yet another user of our Speed Notify application who has found it to be an extremely useful tool which allows her to monitor the speed of her teenage daughter when she is driving or a passenger in a car. Watch this video and see what she has to say!"