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Speed Notify Terms and Conditions

Speed Notify Terms and ConditionsPlease make sure to carefully read all of the terms outlined on this page.


Speed Notify is a mobile application developed for parents of young teenage drivers who have just passed their driving test. Speed Notify will allow parents to set the teen drivers license speed limit (eg 60 mp/h in the UK) which will then send the parent an instant notification and email the moment the driver exceeds the set speed limit.


Downloading this application to your phone signifies that you agree and fully understand the terms of this disclaimer. If you do not agree with these conditions, then you are not permitted to purchase this application or visit our website www.SpeedNotify.com.


The use of our 'Speed Notify app' signifies that you accept all responsibilities associated with using the app correctly and that all employees and owners of SpeedNotify.com are not responsible for any loss, damages, legal consequences or anything that may result from the use of this application or it's services or affiliate services.