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Speed Notify is fast becoming one of the most popular apps in today's mobile market. With the service it is providing to worried parents of young drivers and its easy to operate functions, this app is very popular among all age groups.

Please follow the steps below in order to set up your account and start monitoring the speed of the vehicle your children are driving or traveling in.

How to 'Sign Up' as a Parent

1. Press 'Sign Up'.

2. Complete fields and select 'Parent'.

3. You will be directed to our introduction page.

How to Sync Parents phone with Drivers phone

1. After signing up as a Parent, press 'settings' at bottom of the app.

2. Press 'Sync Phone' to display your sync pin.

3. Add 'sync pin' to 'drivers' phone during 'sign up' stage as a driver and submit (phones are now connected).

How Do Parents set a Speed Limit

1. Press 'Profiles' at bottom of the app to display the 'drivers' who are connected to your account.

2. Press on the name of the connected 'driver' to set speed limit.

3. Press 'Set Speed Limit'.

4. Set 'Km/h or Mp/h',

5. Set 'speed limit' and save.

You have now completed the set up and Speed Notify will alert you if your connected 'driver' is in a vehicle that is exceeding the set speed limit. The driver can not edit your settings.

How to View the Driver Logs

1. Press 'Profiles' in nav bar at the bottom of app

2. Press 'View Logs' (The most recent logs will be displayed at the top of the table)

3. Press a 'Log' to see the Google map screen shot

Information in the log includes:

Time: The exact time the driver exceeded the speed limit ;

Date: The date the driver exceeded the speed limit;

Speed: The speed the driver was travelling, at the exact moment it was recorded;

Limit: This is the speed limit set by the parent;

Action: There are multiple actions recorded on the log in red.

Location: This is a screen shot of a Google map pin pointing the exact location and highlighting the distance travelled while exceeding the speed limit.

If you have friends who are parents of teenage drivers, please do them a favour and tell them about Speed Notify. It may just save their child's life!

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