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ImageWith more and more 15, 16 and 17 year old drivers passing their license test every year, we are seeing the road toll rise across all nations. For some reason it seems to be getting easier to pass the driving test.

With that in mind, we decided to develop a mobile app which would allow parents to monitor and be alerted via the app if the driver exceeds their speed limit (restricted, provisional and learner licenses have a limited speed limit).

The second the driver is detected exceeding the speed limit set via the app, the parents will be sent an instant notification (and email) which will include speed, time, date and a Google map of exact location of the offense.

Not only will this app alert parents in the event that the driver is speeding, it will deter the young drivers from making bad decisions i.e. speeding, overtaking, showing off in front of their friends, peer pressure from their friends, etc.

As the driver, knowing that the app is installed on their phones, it will feel as if the parents are actually sitting in the back seat, reminding them 'NOT' to speed and to take care when driving!

How Speed Notify Came to Life

Image"As a family man and father of four (2 boys and 2 girls) I can appreciate the anxiousness, nervousness and absolutely worrying time in a parents life when your first teen child passes their drivers license exam." says founder and developer of Speed Notify, Peter S Watson.

After witnessing yet another 'P' plate driver making a crazy decision on the road (overtaking my vehicle at an incredible speed), I felt that something had to be done.

Sure, the Police Force do a fantastic job, but they can't be everywhere, hence the reason a huge percentage of the road toll across all nations are a direct result of speeding, first time, young license holders.

After a few months of planning, designing, developing and testing our app, it was launched into the 'App Store' and soon to be launched into the 'Android' store.

Every day, of every month, of every year, world wide, we are seeing a new batch of first time, inexperienced teen drivers hitting our roads.

Speed Notify will simply serve as a deterrent to the young teen drivers and encourage them think twice about making poor decisions. If they know that their parents will be notified instantly the moment they exceed the set speed limit, they will definitely reconsider and most likely decide not to over take the vehicle who is driving just a little too slow in front of them, or circum to peer pressure from mates, which we see just far too often!

If you are the parent of a child who has just passed their license test and is now on the road, we urge you download 'Speed Notify' today!

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