Speed Notify App

  • Speed Notify is a mobile app developed for parents of young drivers;
  • Set the speed limit to the drivers restricted/provisional license limit;
  • Instant notification when your child is in a speeding vehicle;
  • Speed, time and date of the offense is sent to your phone and email;
  • Google map with exact location, address and time of the offense;
  • Monitor multiple accounts from parents phone.

Available in the 'Android' store soon! Send email to be notified.

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Get Notified When Your Child is in a Speeding Vehicle

Help reduce the road toll deaths in 2013 by monitoring the speed your child is driving. With over 1,300,000 deaths on the road worldwide annually, a huge percentage of these deaths are a direct result of speeding and an even bigger percentage are P Plate or Restricted license holders.

Speed Notify is a mobile application (app) which will instantly notify you when your child is in a vehicle which is exceeding their license speed limit. The alert will include: speed, time, date and exact location via a Google map.

This speed application will encourage young drivers to drive safely and within their restricted license speed limit. It will also monitor them when they are a passenger in another vehicle.

Speed Notify is a simple alert system to notify parents and drivers when they are exceeding the speed limit which parents have manually set via the app.

Tests have shown that downloading this app will modify the inexperienced drivers behaviour and reduces poor decision making.

Download the 'Speed Notify' app today and give yourself peace of mind the next time your child is on the road! It might just save their life!


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